Sometimes one has the feeling the world around runs riots or one does not recognize himself or herself anymore. Maybe you ask yourself why you feel more irritable or thin-skinned than usual, or why there is no desire to do anything. Maybe you experience a lack of confidence or daily routines cost you a great deal of trouble. The reason for those difficulties might be mental health problems. Using cognitive behavioral therapy methods the precise problems will be detected, analyzed and new, functional, individual coping mechanisms will be discussed and learned.

· Depression
· Psychosis
· Personality disorders
· Trauma · Anxieties
· Eating disorders
· Sexual disfunction


You feel disorientated or maybe you feel the urge to sort your private life as well as your job life in a new way. A professional coaching can help you to carve out your individual resources, define new goals in life and find solid paths for the future. You can get the chance to challenge your perspective on different issues concerning leadership competencies or your daily structure.

Relationship counseling

A crisis can develop in every loving relationship. Either the couple fights continuously or on the contrary, there seems nothing needed to be said at all anymore. The change of environmental conditions, intensive stress or life changing events (e.g. move-out of the mutual child, retirement, serious illness) can play a role when dysfunctional habits and thoughts start to occur between lovers. Relationship counseling helps to find appreciation for each other as well as to develop constructive communication strategies in order to detect and fulfill own needs and those of the partner.

· Communication, retracted quarrels
· Loss of trust
· Sexuality
· Proximity and distance
· Crisis after the birth of a child
· Child-rearing
· Changing environment


In case you have to travel a lot for business or you are not able to come to the office due to physical handicaps, an online-therapy treatment might be a possibility for you. Studies show, this type of therapy can be also efficient. Please note, in order to guarantee the quality of diagnostics and reliability of therapy a first session needs to be held in person and at the office.