Depending on whether you are personally stuck in a dead end and need life coaching, want to strengthen your mental health, boost your way of communication or develop your skills as a manager, I offer individually tailored coaching.


Persistent stress, performance or deadline pressure can lead to suppression of needs and conflicts. Due to the strong focus on work-related topics, you forget to feel your own needs or to take them into account. Psychological complaints such as exhaustion, inner emptiness and social withdrawal can be the result. With evidence-based methods of psychotherapy, buried resources can be rediscovered and strengthened. In particular, taking mindful breaks is an important pillar in dealing with burnouts.


"One cannot not communicate" (Watzlawick, 1969). In every form of communication, not only does the isolated situation or the facts of the matter play a role, but there are also other aspects that moderate our social interaction, both verbally and non-verbally. The sum of experiences that we have had up to time X (with our counterpart) also play into the communication behavior. Analyzing and changing one's own communication patterns can lead to a significant improvement in private social relationships as well as work relationships. This also promotes a productive working environment in which employees feel comfortable.

Leadership quality

Sometimes it is not so easy to find and develop your own leadership style. What is required of a manager is also very context-dependent. It is important to keep an eye on the corporate structure, the area of ​​responsibility and the composition of employees as well as one's own strengths, weaknesses and values. Questions arise: what kind of leader do I want to be? How can I set goals for myself, the employees and the company and implement them profitably? It is important to give the work structure and to convey the tools for a successful leadership style. But dealing with conflicts in a team or with individual employees also requires a considered and benevolent approach, which can be further developed in coaching.