Are you looking for therapeutic support or do you need counseling to navigate through tricky circumstances in life? Or maybe you would like to find a new path for the future? You might be right here.


Depending on whether you want to develop your skills as a manager, boost your communication or strengthen your mental health, I offer coaching that is individually tailored to you. I am also happy to help you with a professional reorientation. Coaching on how to treat yourself and others mindfully can also be a valuable form of personal development.

  • - life coaching
  • - burnout prevention
  • - communication
  • - career development
  • - leadership quality
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Sometimes one might have the impression the world around us is going crazy or that one does not recognize oneself anymore. You are more irritable or thin-skinned than usual, you lack the desire for everything or you have less confidence in your abilities. A mental illness can be the reason for such difficulties. I can help to find out what causes the distress and we can look for ways to eliminate the difficulties.

  • - depression
  • - anxiety disorders
  • - trauma
  • - grief
  • - psychoses

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Establish contact! Write an e-mail telling me your request. What type of support are you looking for? Maybe you already know what needs to be changed so you can feel better? Then tell me about it! I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am looking forward to your message!