SSometimes one might have the impression the world around us is going crazy or that one does not recognize oneself anymore. You are more irritable or thin-skinned than usual, you lack the desire for everything or you have less confidence in your abilities. A mental illness can be the reason for such difficulties. Together we can find out what causes the difficulties and look for ways to eliminate them. In the course of more than ten years of work at the psychiatric university clinic of the Charité at the St. Hedwig Hospital, I have gained a lot of experience in relation to the treatment of life crises and mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, trauma and psychoses, and I am happy to help with my expertise on current treatment methods and strategies. In my work as a behavioral therapist, I also integrate techniques of acceptance and commitment therapy and schema therapy.


Patients with private insurance: The fee is based on the scale of fees for psychotherapists (GOP). If there is a need for treatment, the costs are usually covered by private health insurance companies. Some private health insurance companies require a detailed application for cost coverage after the first therapy sessions. The number of sessions for which the costs are covered by private health insurance varies greatly. Please inquire with your health insurance company before starting the therapy whether and to what extent it will cover the costs.

Self-Payers: As a self-payer, formalities are irrelevant to you. As with privately insured clients, the fee is based on the scale of fees for psychotherapists (GOP).

Statutory health insurance: Your statutory health insurance is obliged to finance psychotherapeutic treatment in a private practice if you do not get help from a contract therapist promptly (within three months). For this, however, certain conditions must be met. Since April 2017, registered therapists, i.e. those who have a “Kassensitz” or “GKV-Abrechnung”, have been obliged to set up a consultation hour for acute crises. Prompt appointments can be arranged via the hotline of the Association of Health Insurance Physicians (Tel: 030 - 31 003 383).